Seadragonz & the Community

Seadragonz Swim School believes it has a social responsibility to be as active and contribute wherever possible to this community.  It made a commitment at inception in January 2007 to be an active part of the community and our policy is to say yes to whatever the community may require to help them raise funds to provide ‘extras’ for the benefit of the community as a whole.  Seadragonz has increased its community involvement each year and 2016 saw them involved in the community at a level where they feel they are making a significant contribution in many areas.

Local Schools

Seadragonz has made substantial contributions to our local schools.  They have been heavily involved in local school fairs, assisting with financial contributions and displays about the swim school as part of the wider school community.  Seadragonz has also been a sponsor of several school events offering prizes and vouchers for event winners.

The Kelmscott Show

Seadragonz Swim School has been a community partner of the Schools Pavilion at the Kelmscott Show since 2009. This annual show is like any agricultural show found throughout Australia consisting of agricultural displays and competitions as well as side show alley and food stalls.

Seadragonz involvement is a financial commitment furthering involvement in this part of the community and the having the opportunity to showcase the swim school in the pavilion which displays general work and art work produced by the local school children.



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I highly recommend Seadragonz Swim School. I could not wish for a more enjoyable & positive environment for my children & I to be learning to swim in. It’s no wonder it is WA’s Most Awarded Swim School!!!