The Leafy Seadragonz

The Leafy Seadragonz

One of the most amazing and mysterious fish is the sea. Like the Seahorse the leafy seadragon’s name is derived from its resemblance to another creature (the mythical dragon).

They belong to the same family as the sea horse, but they look nothing alike.
Leafy seadragons can grow up to 45cm long, but the most amazing thing about the leafy seadragon is that the male is the one that gives birth. Females lay approx 200 eggs onto a special brood patch on the male’s tail. Its takes about 4-6 weeks from conception, then the male gives birth to the live young.

The lobes of skin that grow on the leafy seadragon provide camoflauge, giving it the appearance of seaweed.It is able to maintain the illusion when swimming, appearing to move through the water like a piece of floating seaweed. It can also change colour to blend in, but this ability depends on the seadragon’s diet, age, location, and stress level.

Found only along the southern coasts of Australia, it makes its home in the shore areas of sea grass and kelp.



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