Pre-School Classes

Smithy the Sea Dragon calls his preschool classes ‘Dragonz’ classes.

Dragonz classes are for children from three years until they enter Year 1. Seadragonz offers eight Dragonz levels starting with complete beginners.

Level criteria split over eight levels allows preschool students to swim with other students of their age and ability. This allows the child to learn swimming skills in smaller progressions allowing the child to stay engaged and continually progress.

The ‘Dragonz’ program is for preschool children and correlates with levels one to three of the swim and survive program. Classes offer a caring and nurturing environment encouraging the child to trust their teacher, and their own ability in the water, from getting their head and face wet for the first time, to being able to perform swimming stokes.

· Level 1 skills of the ‘Swim and Survive’ program are broken down into smaller progressions into Dragonz 1, Dragonz 2 and Dragonz 3

· Level 2 skills of the ‘Swim and Survive’ program are broken down into smaller progressions into Dragonz 4, Dragonz 5 and Dragonz 6

· Level 3 skills of the ‘Swim and Survive’ program are broken down into smaller progressions into Dragonz 7 and Dragonz 8

Seadragonz lessons are centered on providing fun interactive play with caring and happy teachers. Infant classes are taught by qualified and experienced instructors whose primary role is to get to know the child, build a rapport, gain their trust and teach them to love and respect the water.

Children are provided positive guidance to excel at their own pace, without rivalry and competition. Seadragonz lesson environment enhances student’s development in the areas of cognitive, emotional and social interaction both in and out of the aquatic environment.

Class ratios are 4:1 and each class is full of fun and laughter. Seadragonz uses plenty of toys to make the lessons interesting and engaging. Submersion, floatation, strokes and breathing techniques are just some of the skills covered in the syllabus. Each technique is taught with the instructor in the pool. The instructor will let the child direct the pace of their learning and move the child up to the next level only when he or she is ready.

Seadragonz has 8 Dragonz levels starting with complete beginners. More details on the competencies for this level can be found here.

My children have been doing swimming lessons at your centre for 2yrs now. Last week my daughter, Miss E, 2yrs old, fell head first into her nannas fish pond. The pond is only half a meter deep. We were telling her not to climb onto it but as we did she slipped and fell hitting her head on a small pot in the pond. Instantly she grabbed the edge and pulled herself up before we could even get to her.

I can’t thank your centre and especially her teacher Miss T enough for teaching her this.



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I highly recommend Seadragonz Swim School. I could not wish for a more enjoyable & positive environment for my children & I to be learning to swim in. It’s no wonder it is WA’s Most Awarded Swim School!!!