School Age Classes

As an endorsed swim school of the Royal Life Saving Society, Smithy the Seadragon utilizes the Swim and Survive Program. Through levels 1 – 9 students work towards attaining a competent level of swimming.

Level 1 – Beginner Level
Level 2 – Water Discovery
Level 3 – Preliminary
Level 4 – Water Awareness
Level 5 – Water Sense
Level 6 – Junior
Level 7 – Intermediate
Level 8 – Water Wise
Level 9 – Senior​

Levels 10 – 16 take the students beyond basic swimming to learning lifesaving rescue and survival techniques.

Level 10 – Junior Swim and Survive
Level 11 – Swim and Survive
Level 12 – Senior Swim and Survive
Level 13 – Wade Rescue
Level 14 – Accompanied Rescue
Level 15 – Bronze Star
Level 16 – Bronze Medallion

For more details of the competencies for these levels, click here.

Mini Squad Swimming

Seadragonz mini-squad is exactly that!  A mini taste of what training in a squad is like.

The intent of the mini squad at Seadragonz is to try that style of swimming and if you like it, then find a swimming club that works for you.  Squad classes are not a lesson and teachers should will not be doing corrective work, but simply doing drills that improve stroke quality.

 Important things to note about the squad classes

  • They should always be a short term (max 3 months) situation as a tester/teaser only.
  • Seadragonz is an unsuitable venue for realistic squad classes

– The water is way too hot, not allowing the students to increase speed

– The pool is 1/3rd the length of an Olympic Pool so students don’t get the opportunity to practice a true long distance of swimming

– Participants in squads need to dive.  Seadragonz cannot teach diving due to the shallow depth of the pool

– Squads must tumble turn at the end of each lap.  While possible at Seadragonz, the depth doesn’t allow for true turning practice

– Students should be training under a qualified squad coach.  Seadragonz has awesome teachers, and some with some squad training capabilities, however to get the best from swimming at this level, a qualified coach is necessary.

    • A common myth is that students at swim clubs must compete.  This is not necessarily true.  Most clubs have a club night once a week, where the intent is to better your own swimming and times.  Competition while encouraged, is optional.

    Seadragonz has had rave reviews from the swimming coaches at ARC, Armadale Swim Club and Riverton Swim Club.  The coaches say they love having our past students, as they all have beautiful strokes that don’t need correction, only refinement.


    2:55PM – 7:00PM

    7:00AM – 7:00PM

    6:00AM – 7:00PM

    9:00AM – 7:00PM

    7:00AM – 7:00PM

    7:20AM – 4:00PM


    44 Allen Road,

    (08) 9397 1100

    I highly recommend Seadragonz Swim School. I could not wish for a more enjoyable & positive environment for my children & I to be learning to swim in. It’s no wonder it is WA’s Most Awarded Swim School!!!