I have been thrilled with the progress I have made during my lessons at Seadragonz and can't thank Andrea and Tanisha enough for their instruction. Before starting lessons...

I thought getting to Busselton 1/2 Iron Woman was not really possible, now I know I can survive the swim & get out of the water to get on with the other 2 legs. At the beginning of the year swimming 50 metres was an ordeal, to be able to get through 30 plus laps in a 50m pool is unbelievable! I may not be super-fast,  but I know I can keep a steady, strong rhythm. Many thanks and I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know looking to improve their swimming.

Extremely impressed. Master G. was terrified of the water and he is so proud of himself now and I have already seen an improvement at this early stage...

His teacher John is amazing. Master G.  really likes him, he is so good with the kids and makes the lesson fun whilst still very productive.


Miss O has attended Seadragonz since she was 8 weeks old as part of the Seabeanz and will turn 3 on the 18th of December. We have had Trish as our instructor during this time and it is the favourite part of both our weeks!!...

We do absolutely anything to avoid missing swimming (including currently driving up early on Wednesday mornings from Busselton to attend our class)! Thank you so much for your wonderful swimming classes. The facilities, teachers and all the staff are absolutely amazing.


I never got to speak with you Friday night at the Armadale Business Awards! Nonetheless I wanted to ensure I followed up with congratulating you on your well earnt awards...

Great effort to you and your team!!! You must be very proud. Seadragonz is clearly a very well-respected business!

Well done for being recognised for all your hard work!

Aimee Kyle
Advertising Executive
Community Newspaper Group

My eldest child J, has been swimming at Seadragonz Swim School since he was 4 months old. Right from the beginning, he has loved being in the water, & has progressed extremely well under the tutelage of his outstanding instructors over the years...

J joined the Armadale Kelmscott Swim Club squad this summer, all stemming from the love of swimming that he has gained at Seadragonz. The junior squad coach told me how she loves when Seadragonz kids join her program, as their techniques tend to be fantastic!

J enjoyed a very successful summer in the water. He was crowned Year 4 Champion Boy at the Armadale Primary School Swimming Carnival. He followed this up with a Bronze medal at the DDSA Interschool Carnival. During his weekly race nights for his squad, he regularly achieved PB’s & was lucky enough to be selected to represent the Club at a Premiership Meet held at HBF Stadium. On the AKSC Championship Day he was also awarded the Runner Up Champion Boy for his age group 9 year old and under (he was only 8 yrs old at the time).

J is continuing his swimming over the winter months, back in the water at Seadragonz in their Mini Squad, & loving it!

My 2 younger children have also been learning to swim at Seadragonz since they were babies, and like their big brother, they are both little fish too, with a genuine love of the water.

I’ve been so impressed that I have even taken to the water recently, and am learning to swim myself at Seadragonz, at the grand old age of 41!!! So it’s not just for kids!

I highly recommend Seadragonz Swim School. I could not wish for a more enjoyable & positive environment for my children & I to be learning to swim in. It’s no wonder it is WA’s Most Awarded Swim School!!!


I’ve been meaning to write this email for a while regarding some of the staff you have at Seadragonz – they are awesome!...

Hannah, Maddy and Kara are always helpful, friendly and kind and all my kids love them. I’m sure everyone there is great but I’m thinking specifically of my encounters with people working at reception hen I had a problem trying to get Mr. K. into a new class.

I wish all businesses had such great people working for them – you chose well!

They always bend over backwards to be friendly and helpful and it’s very appreciated. I wish you got that type of customer service everywhere J
I should also add that the teachers are great too – Hannah has taught two of our kids and they love her (the oldest still wants her to teach him) and Mr. K loves Julius.

So yeah, really really pleased with the level of service – it’s such a friendly, kind, warm atmosphere. Make sure to give them a pat on the back.


It was my first timing taking my baby, Miss S. to your classes and I had to come alone as my partner was at work...

As you can imagine I had a heap of things to carry (half the house). When I arrived at Seadragonz I was warmly welcomed by a young female who continued to come to my aid as I tried to get Miss S ready.

It is the simple things that make people feel welcome and in this case also less stressed.

Lastly I was overwhelmed at her offering to hold Miss S while I got dressed. When I returned she was fast asleep.

I feel this staff member is a true asset to the company and you should feel proud to have such staff.

Please pass on my thanks.

Look forward to coming again next week.


My daughters finished their 5 day holiday programme today and I have to say how impressed I am with Seadragonz Swim School!...

Miss L. suffers from anaphylaxis (life threatening allergies) and “Cold-induced Urticaria”, and both girls have asthma and extremely sensitive skin, so Seadragonz is an absolute Godsend for them!


I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with all the support offered by your staff members Grace and Hannah. They truly take customer service to the next level...

They are always so welcoming to everyone and they help out in any way they can. I personally feel like they treat me like an old friend and I have felt welcomed and supported from Day 1. So I just wanted to commend you on the fabulous environment you have created with staff members like them.

I also want to let you know how happy I am with your swimming teacher Miss T who runs my youngest daughters class. I felt that Miss I was doing well at Seadragonz anyway, but since being with Miss T she has come along leaps and bounds. Even more importantly to me is that she is super excited about coming each week 🙂


Can I just say a huge thank you to everyone involved in your wonderful service! From K who assisted me with all my enquiries and a billion questions, to G whom is very welcoming, warm, friendly and helpful,..

and our teacher T and assistant R whom have made our lessons incredibly informative, are supportive, patient and do a fabulous job!! I would recommend you guys in a heartbeat.


I would like to extend a special thank you to Hannah for all her support and feed back to us...

I would also like to state that all the teachers have been absolutely amazing with my children.

I want to thank all the staff at Seadragonz the staff are amazing...

The boys have been enrolled for many years and my husband and I feel they just need a break but will most likely enroll them again next year. Thanks!

Warm Regards


Mr T. began swimming not wanting to put his head under the water after a year of ear infections. He had grommets placed and then was able to begin swimming again...

The year of keeping him out of the shower and pool made no difference to him as he still got ear infections. Instead he developed a fear of water and refused to put his head under water. Your staff are always positive but firm when needed, fair, encouraging and Mr. T. and us as parents have always been greeted with a smile both through the office and at the pool side. Mr. T. has developed in his gross motor co-ordination, he is responsible regarding swimming safety and is confident in the water.

As an only child he was quite reserved when younger and did not cope with much noise when approaching a facility. Your swimming school provided an approachable facility with a pleasant environment for him when starting lessons there. I wish to thank all your staff for their efforts in teaching Mr. T. such important safety skills in and around the pool.


My children have been doing swimming lessons at your centre for 2yrs now. Last week my daughter, Miss E, 2yrs old, fell head first into her nannas fish pond. The pond is only half a meter deep...

We were telling her not to climb onto it but as we did she slipped and fell hitting her head on a small pot in the pond. Instantly she grabbed the edge and pulled herself up before we could even get to her.

I can’t thank your centre and especially her teacher Miss T enough for teaching her this.

She was quite upset but not from the fall but the bang to her head. We attended swimming lessons 3 days later and she had no fear of the water and was happy to do her humpty dumpty of the side.

I wanted to share this with you so you know what you’re doing is working and I can’t thank you enough.

Kind regards


Hi Seadragonz (and hi Lari), Lari, I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for opening up Seadragonz and therefore providing me with the opportunity for both S and K to embark on all their lessons over the past years, progress their skills and be taught by some of the best swimming teachers throughout all their levels...

The skills that they have developed with Seadragonz will be with them for life.

I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing them to Seadragonz all these years and I wish you and Bill continued success and a personal thank you from a very grateful parent! It has been a pleasure to be associated with you both.

Best wishes as always to you, your family and all the Seadragonz staff.

With kind regards,


My daughter HG does her swimming lessons at 8:30am on a Saturday morning and for first time since going swimming, today (11/05/2013) H was happy with herself...

We just want to say a BIG thank you to SM for helping H get over her fear of putting herself under water she reckons she is going to do it all the time.

Thank you


Just had to tell you that I was in the pre primary class room this morning and they were having prayer time...

We were thinking of all the things we should be thanking God for… and one of the little boy piped up “we should thank God for our Seadragonz swimming school”…. so we paused and thanked God for Seadragonz Swim School!!!


I just feel really strongly to tell you how impressed I am with your wonderful set-up...

Right from the first contact with you I have felt welcome and valued and that you listened to my concerns about my children and took them into consideration, not only did you listen but you are acting on your promises and helping my son Master L to overcome past “bad” experiences.

Your facility is lovely and inviting and your staff are gorgeous. I am so impressed and pleased that we have found you, I will be telling everyone who will listen!!

Thank you, you have made my day.

Debbie M

Thought I would just share this experience with you...

Miss B, my three year old daughter, has been attending Seadragonz, your swim school, since February and is learning fast though at times over confident in her swimming.

The other day my husband and I were painting the outside of our house. We had opened the pool area and my youngest daughter Miss B was with us while we painted. We were only three steps away from the pool and Miss B was warned to be careful and stay with Mummy.

Next thing I hear a splash and Miss B had fallen in the deep end of our pool fully clothed. By the time I had realised what had happened – which was only a few seconds – Miss Bhad put her head down and kicked to the side of the pool and saved herself. By the time I had taken the three steps to get to her she was pulling herself out of the pool. Shaken and in tears, but safe she was quickly helped the rest of the way out of the pool and taken inside to change into warm clothes.

It was more than proof enough that the money I had spent on swimming lessons from February through to May (only four months) had more than repaid me by my child automatically knowing how to save herself. I feel confident that even if I had been further away she still would have been ok.

It also goes to show, that even though our pool fence and gate are always closed and the kids are never in the pool area without us that accidents can and will happen.

I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great teachers you employ who are achieving great things by teaching children the basic swim skills needed for swimming and more importantly survival.

Thanks once more and we look forward to seeing you each week for our swim lessons.


Congratulations on another award. You really do a fantastic job...

The kids love swimming at your place and I love bringing them there. Your staff have been really helpful over the past couple of years through difficult times and are very accommodating.

So congratulations on such a great place you have created.


We are leaving the area in December and so will not be able to attend SeaDragonz for swimming lessons for our three kids after the move...

We are leaving the area in December and so will not be able to attend SeaDragonz for swimming lessons for our three kids after the move.

It is a bit of an end of an era, as we’ve been coming for quite a while. I have been so pleased at the progress made by the kids during their time at Seadragonz. D in particular overcame great fears of putting his head in the water, going in without a parent, interacting with new teachers, even hanging onto the pool-edge, to now being an outgoing, confident swimmer who loves being in the water. Some wonderfully patient and caring teachers were responsible for this progress.

We are moving to a house with a pool for the first time, and whilst the thought still makes me a bit nervous, I am pleased that we have invested in the kids’ water safety education by coming to your school.

I would like to commend you on the professionalism of your organisation, evident in many areas such as the quality of your facility (including pool accessories), your water recycling initiatives, the emphasis on water safety, the teaching methodology, the small class sizes, the newsletters, and of course, your staff, who are trained well, but also obviously employed for their professionalism and love of teaching.

With Best Wishes,


Miss A and I went to our swimming lesson and would like to express my sincere thanks to the teacher. From the first moment she smiled and met all the students she was interested in them and engaged in conversation...

Her class progressions were fantastic and logical with all elements of swimming being covered (water safety skills, body positions and fun!!) She was very, very diligent in her attention to all students along with being very positive and thorough giving useful feedback to the students after each demonstration of their skill. By giving such informative feedback it was lovely as a mum to see how well the students listened and in turn improved on every practice.

It was really lovely to meet her and I look forward to meeting more of the wonderful swim teachers you have working with you.


I just want to say a big thank you, and I know you will appreciate Mr. I’s achievement. I participated in his first swimming carnival today and swam in three races...

He didn’t finish the 50m freestyle, he did complete the 50m backstroke and 50m freestyle in the relay. He was the slowest his technique was lovely lol, though he was a long way from the others he did finish.
Thank you, it is a long way from the little boy who wouldn’t get in the pool for weeks.


I would also just like to say how impressed and happy I have been with your swim school...

Master S, in particular as a very anxious water-phobic 3yo, has really thrived and developed his confidence. I doubt he will ever be a Kieran Perkins, but he is now a confident 5yo and absolutely loves going to the pool / beach, largely thanks to the patience and skills of your instructors.

If it weren’t for the 68km round trip, we would be continuing to attend. Please pass on my thanks to our children’s instructors.

Best Wishes,

Miss E is now 4 and has been with Seadragonz since her first mum’s and bubs class. Over the time we have enjoyed some very dedicated and committed teachers, including see them come and go...

The staff have always been helpful, welcoming and always have the children’s interests at heart.

You have a wonderful swim school and I wish you continued success into the future.